Top Free Agents of the National Football League that are still Available

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The Top NFL Free Agents still Available (as of 5 / 22 / 2022)

  • Odell Beckham Jr.

Wide Receiver – Age: 29

It makes great sense for Odell Beckham Jr. to stay in Los Angeles with the Rams following the rehabilitation on his knee with the L. A. Rams training / medical staff after he tore his ACL during last year’s Super Bowl.

If I was a general manager of an opposing NFL franchise especially in the same division (NFC West), I would offer Beckham Jr. a solid long – term contract no longer than 3 – 4 years with a lot of it tied in to guaranteed total money now. It would pay off especially in years – 2 and 3 of the deal once he was fully functional. Supreme talents like Odell don’t come around too often, and they also don’t stay unsigned for long, whether or not he is recovering from a serious knee injury or not.

  • Duane Brown

Offensive Tackle – Age: 37

The Cleveland Browns resolved the Seattle Seahawks‘ left tackle issue from back in 2017, as Brown pretty much experienced his worst NFL season in Seattle with the Seahawks last year prior to hitting the NFL free agency market.

Duane will turn 37 – years – old before the 2022 – 2023 NFL regular season campaign kicks – off, and he probably will not continue to command top – tier dollars for an offensive tackle either. Some team out there could definitely use his protection for their young quarterback.

  • Rob Gronkowski

Tight End – Age: 33

It’s unclear if Gronkowski wants to continue playing football in the National Football League as of now, but he usually makes his mind up sometime during the mid – summer months of the NFL offseason.

Rob’s run – blocking talent is the only part of his game that did not make it with him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and most NFL teams will not pay top dollar for your run – blocking abilities. They want the Gronk that can make huge plays down the field, but it is a matter if he chooses to play or not for the upcoming 2022 – 2023 NFL season.

  • Akiem Hicks
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Defensive Lineman – Age: 32

Hicks’ signing way back in 2016 was one of the best NFL free – agent deals of the past decade or so. His overall production lately is down just a tiny bit from when he was at his peak not too long ago.

Although he has struggled to stay on the field while battling a lot of injuries, Akiem would make a great defensive line player for some team in need out there at the moment, as long as they are not expecting a superstar pass – rusher or ultimate run – stopper.

  • Trey Flowers

Defensive End – Age: 29

Flowers was unable to stay healthy over the course of the last 2 – NFL seasons, but he will be only 29 – years – old come this fall, and he had a PFF grade of over 80 in every season from the year of 2017 to the year of 2020, making him one of the most overall consistent d – linemen in the game right now.

  • J. C. Tretter

Center – Age: 31

This center barely practiced all – season – long last year due to a knee as well as an ankle injury, but you would not have realized that Tretter has recorded over 1,000 – plus quality snaps for the 5th – consecutive year. J. C. is indisputably still a well above – average starter on an offensive line somewhere in the National Football League. A solid and consistent center is not easy to find as everyone knows.

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  • Will Fuller

Wide Receiver – Age: 28

Will had to miss significant time during the 2021 – 2022 NFL season due to a suspension for violating the league’s PED policy which has been a personal issue for him lately. It’s safe to assume there are some red flags present when gambling on Fuller.

  • Eric Fisher

Offensive Tackle – Age: 31

Fisher took his initial football snaps as an Indianapolis Colt only 8 – months removed from violently tearing his Achilles tendon, and he did have his worst season since his rookie year last season, but some team can pick up this previous overall number 1 NFL draft pick for cheap during the 2022 NFL offseason if they so choose to.

  • Julio Jones
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Wide Receiver – Age: 33

There were moments with the Tennessee Titans where Julio Jones looked great, but he was only healthy enough to catch 31 – passes last season just 1 – year after he caught 51 – passes for the Atlanta Falcons the year before. He has been quite limited in practicing over the past 3 – years or so, so buyer beware. There is quite a large upside for Julio Jones if his body is feeling right, and he can move like he used to be able to.

  • Anthony Barr

Outside Linebacker – Age: 30

The game – changing splash players are mostly all gone, but Barr is one of the rare linebackers that can do it all. He can rush the passer, make some hard tackles, and he can cover opposing skill position players over the middle or out to the flats.

  • Justin Houston

Defensive End / Edge Rusher – Age: 33

It took Justin Houston a long time to find a job last season, and then when he landed in Baltimore with the Ravens last year, he out – played the majority of his younger Baltimore Ravens’ teammates. Someone sign him soon please.

  • Sheldon Richardson

Defensive Tackle – Age: 31

It seems like no one has been on more Top – 100 lists over the years than Sheldon Richardson, but he still can play and he still deserves a chance to start on a defensive line somewhere out there in the National Football League for the upcoming 2022 – 2023 NFL season.

  • Ndamukong Suh

Defensive Lineman – Age: 35

I admittedly hate Ndamukong Suh, but he was definitely the Tampa Bay Buccaneers best defensive player throughout their playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams last season. He still shows up in big moments, and now you don’t even have to pay him the big bucks for that anymore.

  • Kevin King
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Cornerback – Age: 27

It’s a shame King got hurt last season, because Kevin looked right at home under the 1st – year Green Bay Packers’ defensive coordinator, Joe Barry. Hopefully he can match that production this year if someone gives him a shot.

  • Dont’a Hightower

Linebacker – Age: 32

It took Dont’a Hightower a long time to shake off the rust after his year off from playing pro ball, but his bigger issue may be how the game has changed since then. You cannot target opposing players anymore. Hightower used to make a living demolishing the other teams’ player over the middle and that sort of behavior is just not tolerated anymore in the NFL.

Not sure he has the speed or the skill anymore to play middle linebacker, but it is worth a shot for a desperate NFL team in need to give him a 1 – year deal and see what he still may have left in the tank.

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